Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update on Abu Rahma Case

The soldier who shot Ashraf Abu Rahma at close range has been released, Ma'an news agency reports, and the father of the girl who filmed the shooting has been arrested at a recent demonstration in Ni'lin.

And so another promise, this one from Ehud Barak that the soldier would be held accountable, appears to be broken. Meanwhile, the Israelis may be about to approve construction of a brand new settlement in the Jordan Valley.

For the past few days, I have been traveling with a CPT delegation, meeting with Palestinians and Israelis and hearing their stories and perspectives on the situation here. There is a certain degree of cynicism in everyone these days, and it is stories like these that keep feeding it.

(Thanks to Free Speech Unlimited to bringing these reports to my attention.)

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Chris said...

The BBC is reporting today (29 July) that the Colonel in the IDF who allegedly ordered the shooting has failed a polygraph about the incident and has been suspended for ten days...another lame Israeli attempt at justice.